Micronutrient Testing

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Micronutrient testing is a next generation blood test for measuring specific vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino/fatty acids and metabolites within an individual's white blood cells (lymphocytes). Scientific evidence shows that analyzing the white blood cells provides the most accurate analysis of a body's deficiencies and how they affect cellular function in a person.


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Test Information

Feeling out of sorts and not sure why? Now you can get micronutrient and antioxidant deficiency testing! With your results, we can customize an IV Drip or treatment plan to optimize your nutrient levels, offer recommendations on foods and supplements in order to maintain optimal health and wellness.

  • Knowledge of micronutrient deficiencies.

  • Knowledge of antioxidant deficiencies.

  • Access to customized IV Vitamin Drips and IV Pushes to accommodate results.

  • Patient specific treatment plan.


Test Information

Status Body Studio offers ALCAT testing to help our patients uncover any food sensitivity or allergies that may be causing unwanted symptoms such as digestive discomfort, irritation, or inflammation. ALCAT determines this by measuring cellular reactions to wide varieties of foods, herbs, molds, environmental additives, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents.

  • Results will give the patient a color coded list of items that will specify which items cause inflammatory reactions.

  • Improved digestive system function.

  • Decreased food related inflammation.

  • 30 minute consultation for nutrition recommendations reflecting the patient’s ALCAT test results.

Sensitivity vs. Allergy

An allergy is a reaction that triggers the release of antibodies that results in immediate symptom onset. A true food allergy causes an immune response that can affect multiple organs and in some cases, be severe or even life threatening. Food sensitivity symptoms are delayed and are typically limited to digestive problems, but they can lead to chronic inflammatory health issues.